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According to a recent study by The United Health Foundation, 70% of adults in the U.S. admit to having at least one unhealthy habit they know they need to break. Additionally, 61% of adults have developed bad habits over the past few years.

If any of this sounds familiar, you might recognize some of these common challenges:

  • Spending more time in front of screens than enjoying the outdoors.

  • Difficulty sticking to a workout routine for more than a short period.

  • Consuming greasy takeout meals more often than desired.

  • Turning to alcohol, chocolate, or other vices to cope with stress.

  • Constantly buying water bottles to remind yourself to stay hydrated but never filling them.


Your list might be different, but deep down, you know it's time to eat healthier, commit to more workouts, prioritize self-care, and put your health first.


Join our 21-Day Habit Challenge for Women and break free from these habits. 

Make a lasting change for a healthier, happier you!



This program is here to help you add healthier habits to your daily life and support you in sticking to your goals. You deserve a happier, healthier life!

You are not alone.


The 12 week program for busy women who want to get in the best shape of their lives withour sacrificing their sanity!
Next group January 15th, 2024


Project Strong, Lean, Confident runs from

January 15th to April 7th, 2024.


Do you crash diet right before a vacation or a special event?

Even though we know 95% of people who crash diet will gain the weight back plus more…


So many women get stuck in a cycle of dieting, binging, giving up, and dieting again as soon as another vacation or special event rolls around.


For most women, the week or two before a vacation or special event is when the impossible “rules” start to come out…


Rules like:

  • Stick to 1200 calories a day

  • Workout for an hour 7 days straight

  • No desserts or treats of any kind

  • No carbs after noon - I​n fact, let’s not eat carbs at all!​

Sounds familiar? 

The thing is, maybe you DO drop a dress size at the end of it all…


But the results never seem to stick, and a few months later, you’re back at the mercy of those impossible rules in a desperate attempt to slim down in a pinch… yet again.

But what if it didn’t have to be that hard?

And what if instead of crash dieting to fit into that little black dress, that bikini or that pair of jeans from pre- covid…you learn how to eat and exercise in a  way that allows you to wear whatever you want, whenever you want....



An all-levels 12-week program to help you slim down easily and sustainably so you can see results fast and KEEP them once and for all — no crash diets or crazy rules required!

Inside, you’ll learn the not-so-secret secrets of women who are always look Strong, Lean and are so Confident and become ONE OF THEM


Here’s the best part...

Once you dive into this 12-week program, you’ll be surprised at how simple it is to maintain.

In fact, you’re probably working harder now for fewer results!

That’s because Project SLC  is designed to help virtually ANYONE get results in 12 weeks (and even sooner)— even if you’re busy, even if you “hate to cook”, and even if you have a hard time tracking your food or counting calories (hint: we do this iin this program, but you won’t even catch yourself doing any maths!).

The program is designed this way so that you actually stick to it...

Because the ONLY way to get results and keep them isn’t just a “Project SLC” diet…

It’s a Strong, Lean, Confident lifestyle.

And I’ll show you exactly how to do it!

By the end of Project SLC, you will:

  • Walk away with an understanding of what to eat for real, sustainable weight loss without feeling deprived

  • Feel comfortable planning and prepping meals that support your goals AND taste amazing

  • Fall in love (or back in love!) with exercise no matter how busy you are

  • Drop inches, pounds, and body fat and keep them off

  • ​And of course, look and feel amazing in whatever outfit you choose to wear (nope, Harem pants will still not look good.. They just don’t!!!)



When you join, you'll get:

  • Personalized Meal Plan ( $ 229 Value)

    Made for you and your goals, easy to follow and adjust

  • Success Guide  ( $79 Value)

             This 29-page manual will educate, empower, and guide you through your program.

             It's jam-packed with thoughtful info, tips, and ideas to help you get the best results possible!

  • Nutritional Swap Guide & Food Substitute Calculator ($149 Value)

    Learn how to eat anything on your plan and still get results

  • 101 Healthy Recipes ($99 Value)

    Yup… 101 Recipes easily adjustable to your personal plan and family-friendly 

  • 3 weekly workouts plus Bonus Workouts with regular Form Checks ( $  449 Value)

               Minimal Equipment, not longer than 30 minutes - option for Post Partum Workouts

               (NOT included in the  Nutrition-only option)

  • Weekly private check-ins via email/text/voice note  ($ 549 Value)

              Accountability, personal, support, whatever you need

  • Private community to connect with other women working towards the same goal (priceless)

              We all need a girl gang!!

  • More than 6 regular Video Coaching Lessons & regular motivational Emails and Q&As  ($549 Value)

    How to manage eating out, holiday meals, lack of family support….. Your questions answered and solutions offered

          That’s $2103 worth of value and you'll get it for a fraction of this!


"Had to come on here and leave a 5⭐️ review for Mel. I’m one of those women who had kids, didn’t look after myself as well as I should, never have time for myself - typical Mum stuff. I find that, being a parent herself, Mel is real, and reasonable. She understands that some days you’re energized and all set to go… and that on other days it’s just a miracle that you even made it to your workout, and she recognizes how hard she should push you depending on the above. Her classes are great, and positive, with just the right balance of exercise to let you see regular progress. Most important, obviously, is that she also has solid taste in music, so you get a good playlist while you’re working (I’m not kidding, even plank is more tolerable with good tunes in the background!). No hesitation recommending her to anyone who is trying to figure out how to work exercise into a busy life with family etc. she’s fabulous!" - Jen and Francois

"Mel is a greta trainer, her energy is next level and so fun! She trains you with your baby if need be and at gorg location!! Try her out :)" - Hope Pokocky

"About 3 months ago, I signed up for Mel’s exercise and nutrition program. I was not sleeping well, stressed out and not feeling very good about myself. As a busy mom, I rarely took the time to eat properly and work out. Mel’s program was very well structured and clear. I knew exactly what to eat and how much because her nutrition guide was comprehensive and detailed. Her exercise program is fun, challenging and the app she uses is easy to navigate. We exchange videos to check on form and she does regular check-ins as well. She is always available to chat or answer questions. Mel has a no BS approach and she is a great motivator. She will always cheer you on and give you the support you need. You can tell that she is passionate about what she does and she makes the whole process fun and comfortable from the get go. I cannot say enough good things about what Mel’s program has done for my self esteem and I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to get in shape and have fun while doing it! " - Mathilde G

Mel is such an awesome fitness instructor, I’m sooooo happy to be taking part in her mommy baby classes and highly recommend her to everyone as she can do all levels of fitness - mina e

"Mel is warm and welcoming and will always make you feel right at home. She listens to your needs, pushes at the right times and builds you up when you need it. She will be your biggest cheerleader and always has a smile when you need it. Thank-you Mel for all your enthusiasm!" - Michelle Little

"I have been going to the 6 a.m. morning workout, it starts my day on the right foot, her classes are fun, motivating and challenging in a fun way ! I definitely recommand her classes, I love it and I always look forward to my workouts with Mel hagn Fitness !" - Caroline Perras


Mel Hagn is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who focuses on helping women in every stage of life. After leaving a successful corporate career to move to Canada and raise her daughters, she turned to fitness to overcome healthy challenges and reclaim her own power, not only as a mother but also as a strong woman... Since then, she has helped countless other women to not only regain control of their bodies but also unlocking their inner strength to make fitness fit into their lives, and not the other way around.

Your Coach:

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