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Do you ever feel like your partner is sabotaging your new healthy active lifestyle?

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Did you more or less recently go on a quest to improve your health?

Maybe lose some weight over gain some muscle?

If that is a vacation you want to look good on in your bathing suit or an event where the dress just needs to fit perfectly, or if you got bloodwork done and your doctor furred her brow and lectured you about how to lower your cholesterol levels.

Doesn’t matter why, but you are determined to make some changes.

You are working out, you are trying to eat healthier… and as hard as it is.

You are excited about the DOMS and that new protein pancake recipe you tried.

You just want to talk about it all the time and you partner…. doesn’t want to hear it.

Or maybe they high-five you and turns around to order Dominos and open a case of beers and keep pushing you to have “just one bite”

Whatever they are doing… it just doesn’t feel like they are actually supportive, maybe it even feels like they are trying to sabotage your success.

And you see they also gained some weight, are slower getting up the stair or running after the kids… so all you want is for them to join your new healthy active lifestyle.

When you mention it, they are just not interested. Even when you suggest they cut down own red meat or drink more water for their own health… it falls on deaf ears.

So what to do?

Well.. I assume your partner is an adult, so there is not much you can do to force them on this lifestyle. You aren’t paying their Iphone bill so you cannot take that away, and if you send them to the bedroom to “think about what they did” - they will most likely just take this opportunity for a nap and you are stuck dealing with the kids.

So what to do what to do… Focus on you.

YUP. You just life the shit out of this amazing new lifestyle and either people around you get inspired - or they don’t.

Not much more you can do. You are still getting healthier. That’s a win!

And for the support at home you are missing, find it elsewhere:

Talk to the people at the gym, find some Instagram buddies (that was a huge one for me when I started my fitness journey - a big shout out to the BBG OGs here) and sign up for some uplifting email newsletters (like mine haha)

YOU GOTTA KEEP GOING, and most likely your partner will come around. They might just be scared of making changes ( remember… you were too at some point…) and stuck in their comfort zone (sounds familiar?!) - they will join you when they are ready. Either because you and your results are inspiring them or because they are worried to be left behind. In the end, doesn’t matter where the motivation comes from, right?

Have you ever been in a situation here you felt your partner was not supporting you? Maybe even sabotaging you?

Please message me and share your story!!!


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