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registration closes March 31st



Ready to reclaim your energy, ditch the overwhelm, and ignite your inner Fierce Mama? Join the ultimate 21-day Online Group Fitness & Nutrition Program designed for busy moms like YOU!

Feeling like you are running on fumes? You are not alone. Between the kids; activities, work and endless "to-dos", taking care of yourself can feel impossible. 

Do you ever...


wish you had the energy to do things you used to love? Like dancing, hiking or just staying up late enough to read a book?

dream of ditching the take-out dinners and whipping up healthy meals for your family?

long to feel like the calm empowered mom you know you can be? 


What if...


you could start your day feeling energized?

fuel your body with nourishing meals - simply & family friendly?

carve out even just 15 minutes of "me time" every day without feeling that mom-guilt creeping in?

 lf you answered yes, this challenge is for you! It is not about strict routines or depriving yourself. It is about joining as supportive community of moms and taking small achievable steps to build life long habits.


Ready to make a change?


Unleash your best self in 21 days!

When you join, you'll get:

  • Fierce Mama  Success Guide: Your road map to healthy habbits with tips to crush your goals faster

  •  Access to the App, which includes:

    1. ✅ Daily "Deep Dive" Coaching lessons to keep you motivated and on track. ( Think personal cheerleading, worth $ 500)

    2. ✅ Habit Tracker: See your progress unfold. Celebrate consistency and the power of small wins! (VALUE $ 100)

    3. ✅ Workouts and  restorative movement sessions to fit into your schedule *( no gym required) to feel amazing inside & out (VALUE $ 300)

    4. ✅ Supportive Community:  Connect with our expert coach and fellow mamas for encouragement and camaraderie (VALUE: PRICELESS!) 

    5. ✅ Bonus Smoothie Recipes  : Whip up delicious, nutrient-packed smoothies for an extra health boost  (VALUE $ 50) 


registration closes February 16th

Mel Hagn is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who focuses on helping women in every stage of life. After leaving a successful corporate career to move to Canada and raise her daughters, she turned to fitness to overcome healthy challenges and reclaim her own power, not only as a mother but also as a strong woman... Since then, she has helped countless other women to not only regain control of their bodies but also unlocking their inner strength to make fitness fit into their lives, and not the other way around.

Meet Your Coach:

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